Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 43: The Early Years

Camera: Nikon D5000

How about we look at something more pleasant than ten feet of snow outside my frozen-shut front door? My back aches (shoveling.) My toddler screams (cabin fever.) My husband grumbles (see toddler.) Yet my infant son sleeps, and smiles, and coos, and loves us all back tenfold.


  1. He's lulling you in to a false sense of security -- trust me. :)

    What a beautiful picture -- the best thing about being a parent is the unconditional love of our children :)

  2. aww he's so sweet ♥ missed ya (and these pics) while I was MIA

  3. Oh man isn't that the truth! I keep talking to my babe and telling her that she's the only one who doesn't talk back to me!! :-)